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Athletes Play Multiple Sports

Playing a Variety of Sports Can Be Beneficial for Young Athletes

By JS, 04/20/16, 11:00AM CDT


Research has shown that playing multiple sports is good for kids. Not only does the change from one sport to another at the end of the season create excitement in kids it also allows for a good change in the way kids use their muscles.

Changing sports every few months can limit the amount of repetitive stress that each sport places on an athlete’s body. About half of youth sports injuries are related to overuse, the key is to limit repetitive stress on one body part over time.

Not only does playing multiple sports improve kids health and wellness, it also improves athletic performance and builds life skills that are invaluable.

With all this in mind now is the time to get your kids signed up for some spring and summer sports. Some opportunities available in St. Peter and the surrounding areas include baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, swimming, lacrosse and track and field. Please see the Bulldogs homepage for information on some opportunities.