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Player Safety

By Hal Tearse-MN Hockey, 11/26/10, 7:55PM CST


Player Safety is a top priority for Minnesota Hockey, USA Hockey, Hockey Canada and the International Ice Hockey Federation


Player safety is a top priority for Minnesota Hockey, USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, and the International Ice Hockey Federation. Because of growing concerns and reports of the increasing number of serious injuries in hockey, mostly brain injuries, Michael Stuart, MD and Aynsley Smith, RN, PhD from the Mayo Clinic organized and hosted the 2010 Ice Hockey Summit: Action on Concussion in Rochester, MN on October 19-20. The purpose of the event was to present scientific data and identify action items for recommendation to the national governing bodies of hockey. These action items were prioritized by the attendees based on extensive scientific research on what happens when players receive blows to their heads which may or may not result in a concussion (brain injury).

The Summit presenters consisted of leading concussion experts in a wide range of specialties, including health care professionals, helmet manufactures, a former NHL player whose career was ended by multiple concussions, an NHL official, and numerous representatives of all governing bodies of hockey. The most recent data from Minnesota Hockey’s Hockey Education Program (HEP) was also presented.

It would be a challenge to summarize the entire event in this article however there were a number of findings relevant to share which are;

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