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Staying In Love With Sports | A Responsible Valentine's Day Wish

By Responsible Sports, 02/14/11, 8:49PM CST


What can we do to help kids continue to love sports?

Did you know that 70% percent of kids quit playing sports by age 13? According to the experts at Positive Coaching Alliance, the dropout rate becomes alarming as early as 10 years old. And when kids are surveyed about why they quit, the number one reason they cite: practice and games stopped being fun. Specifically, kids talk about the inability to handle the pressure to win, the yelling at them for making mistakes, and being made to sit on the bench game-after-game watching other teammates play.

So in honor of Valentine’s Day this year, the team at Responsible Sports together with the experts at Positive Coaching Alliance ask: what can we do as Responsible Coaches and Responsible Sport Parents to help our kids stay in love with sports? Click here to read more and see the check list.