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Recent Girls 12U - 4 the Team News

Here is a great guide to help you manage your Ngin account

Keeping track of your child’s sports schedules can be a full time job. SportNgin made it easier with the new team management and communication features within your team’s Sport Ngin website and mobile app. You can now manage your child’s schedule by responding to invitations to games and events in real time. You can communicate with your team manager, coach, and other parents directly within the app and receive notifications of messages as text messages and email. In addition you can make sure others in your family receive the messages.

Once the teams are set and rosters are posted on the Bulldog website the practices will be tagged by team rather than level and communication will start going through the team managers. This is when using the app will be beneficial for all.

Click here for information and tips on getting started and familiar with your Ngin account and the App.