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Hockey Equipment

2023 Equipment Check-out

Hockey Equipment

                                                        2023  Equipment Checkout

 *Equipment Checkout/Return/Exchange 

(This event is for New or Returning Registered Mites.)

Sunday, October 8th from 1:30-4:30

*Last Chance Equipment Rental or Exchange: 

Sunday October 22nd from 1:30-3:30

Two checks will need to be provided at the time of checkout post dated 4/1/24 ($25 for sanitation and $100 deposit)

Try Hockey For Free

* 2 Day Try Hockey for FREE Event 

October 7th from 11-12:30

Register Here: Try Hockey For Free

October 8th from 11-12:30 

Register Here: Try Hockey For Free

(This event is for NEW/UNREGISTER Players Only!)

* Try Hockey Equipment Checkout & Sign Up: October 8th, 12:30-1:30

(This will be for skaters that participated in Try Hockey for Free)

Two checks will need to be provided at the time of checkout post dated 4/1/24 ($25 for sanitation and $100 deposit)


NEW!  Bring A Friend To Hockey

Tentative Times below: Date TBD

Registered Mites 1/2: Practice 11:30-12:30

Friends get registered: 11:45-12:00

Friends get geared up: 12-12:30

Friends on the ice: 12:30-1:30

Drawing for Prize: 1:15

Registered Mites 3/4: 1:30-2:30

Registered Hockey Players should stay, or come early, to watch their friend practice and cheer them on.  Each registered skater that brings a friend and each friend will be entered into a prize drawing. We will draw one " registered skater" prize and one “friend” prize.  An addition, a price will be given to each registered skater that has a friend register the day/week of the event.  

1) Fill out the top portion of the equipment check-out form provided my Emberlie Tellijohn at the time of check-out.

2) Get fitted with equipment. Size and brand will be written on the check-out form by experienced equipment fitting personnel.

3) Return to check-out desk to turn in form to double check equipment and provide deposit and sanitation checks .

For families that rents for the summer: Bring your proof of sanitation to check-out/in your equipment or we will cash your $25 sanitation deposit. Families may opt to keep the same equipment that was previously checked out, but we do ask that you come to a check-out to have the equipment assessed. This is a great time to have experienced equipment fitting personnel verify that the equipment still fits well enough to last them the entire season.   Equipment may be exchanged throughout the season, but only on specific dates.  All equipment MUST be sanitized prior to exchanging.


Email with questions


Mite Players and Families:

All Mites will receive one free jersey their first year.  Any additional Jerseys needed may be purchased. Jerseys will be handed out the first or second week of practice.  Names may be added to the Jerseys a few weeks into the season for an additional fee. 

Bulldog Squirt, Girls 10U, Girls 12U, PeeWee and Bantam Players and Families:

We are all very proud of the Bulldog jerseys that represent our hockey program in our communities.  To prolong their use, good care of the game jerseys is of utmost importance.

The Bulldog Hockey Association recommends that a separate bag be used for the game jerseys (this bag can be placed inside the equipment bag).

If a jersey gets damaged during the season, you must immediately notify your team coordinator.  If damages occur due to misuse, or you fail to notify the team coordinator of damages that occur during the season, the individual families will be responsible for the repair/replacement costs.

We want these jerseys to last a long time so your diligence in the care of your game jerseys is very much appreciated.

How do you fit hockey equipment? you know how to properly fit yours or your childs hockey equipment? Click on the links and documents listed below for some informational videos and documents that are on the Internet regarding how to fit the various equipment that is required for hockey.

These are good videos and documents for everyone to view and learn from.