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Kris Wilke

Head Coach

Marni Dunning

Team Coordinator

2016-2017 Game Schedule

Click the link above to see the scheduled games, the locker moms for each game, and the home game helpers.

Girls 12U - Weekly Communication & News

Weekly Communication 1/1/17

By Marni Dunning 01/09/2017, 9:15am CST

Week ahead


Monday Jan. 2
  • 7:00pm - 7:45pm dryland at LSCC - don’t forget tennis shoes!

  • 7:45pm - 8:30pm skating clinics

  • Locker mom: Cara Bishop

Thursday Jan. 5
  • 8:15pm - 9:15pm practice at GAC

  • Locker Mom: Shaina Seidel

Saturday, Jan. 7 -- GIRLS HOCKEY DAY!
  • 11:00am game vs Rochester at LSCC

  • Arrive by 10:00am

  • Locker Mom: Kris Voeltz

  • Game Helpers: Clock - Grundhoffer; Book - Hartmann; Penalty Box - Brandt & Doherty; Announcer/DJ - Dunning.

  • We encourage the girls to stay, maybe wear their jerseys, and watch hockey all day together! These are the other games for Girls Hockey Day:

    • 9:45am - U10 Girls play Austin

    • 1:00 pm - JV Girls play St. Paul Blades

    • 2:30pm - Varsity Girls Play St. Paul Blades

      • Little Bulldogs at this game are: Molly Voeltz, Angel Maas & Sophia Doherty (check in at Penalty Box at 1:45pm)

Sunday Jan. 8
  • 5:oopm - 6:00pm practice at LSCC

  • Locker Mom: Shannon Hartmann


Team News

  • The Austin Game was rescheduled for Monday, Jan. 9th at 7pm in Austin. Please have the players there at 6:15pm. We realize this is a school night and it may be hard to get there for working parents, so please email me if you need a ride for your daughter and we will make sure she gets there. This date worked better since all our players can attend (if that is not true, please let me know!) and we want our entire team present since Austin is our toughest competitor.

  • Our team, along with the Bantams, have put a maple leaf sticker on our helmets to honor John Wilson, Sofie & Alex’s dad. The maple leaf represents John & Marie’s Canadian roots and the Toronto Maple Leafs (huge fans)! A HUGE thank you to Kris Wilke for making these!

  • Bulletin Board - we have been given a space in the shadow boxes up in the bleachers for our team. I was planning on taking a polaroid of all the U12 players and completing that board next weekend. If anyone is dying to do this - let me know! I will happily pass this baton!

  • Year end party - I know - we are FAR from the end, but I am looking for someone to either head it up or help me with it. We have money from our goal bucket to help with expenses. Any party planners out there?

Bulldog of the Week

Get to know…Hannah Seidel!




I have 2 little brothers, 2 little sisters and 2 boxers

Favorite Food

Ice Cream

Favorite Candy

Kitkats and smarties

Favorite Song

Mercy by Shawn Mendes

How many years have you been playing hockey?

On and off for a few years, first year on a team

What is your favorite part of Hockey?

I love to do crossovers

Do you have a favorite hockey moment?

Scoring my first goal

Do you have any special talents?

I can always find the silver lining in any situation


Here is what others say about Hannah:


“Hannah is always trying to do her best. She is ready to learn whenever she is at the rink. She is always smiling and makes me smile. Hannah has improved a lot since the beginning of the season. I enjoy playing with her and I hope we get to play together next year!”  Anna Pavlo


“Hannah is a good friend and she makes playing hockey fun.” Angel Maas


“Hannah has come a long way from when she got here. She still has a lot of work to do but she has a great attitude so I’m sure if she keeps putting in the extra time, it will pay off for her.” Coach Kris Wilke


“Hannah has jumped right into Bulldog hockey and every day is working harder and getting better!”  Coach Cormac Dunning


Weekly Communication 1/8/17

By Marni Dunning 01/09/2017, 9:15am CST

Week ahead

Monday Jan. 9
Tuesday Jan. 10
  • 8:15pm - 9:15pm practice at GAC

  • Locker Mom: Shannon Overn

Thursday, Jan. 12
  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm Outdoor practice at rink in Le Sueur

  • Come dressed - put on skates there in small warming house

  • No locker mom

Saturday Jan. 14
  • 2:30pm scrimmage against Luverne at LSCC

  • Arrive by 1:30pm

  • Locker Mom: Kim Brandt

  • Game Helpers: Clock - Tully; Book - Voeltz; Penalty Box - Seidel & Timmermann; DJ - Grundhoffer.

Sunday Jan. 15
  • 5:45pm game vs Northfield at LSCC

  • Locker Mom: Tasha Timmermann

  • Game Helpers: Clock - Schwarz; Book - Tully; Penalty Box - Bishop & Seidel; DJ - Grundhoffer.

Team News

  • The district tournament is scheduled for Feb 17-19th in Austin. I have a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn for those two nights. They are not cheap, so if you want to look elsewhere or not stay, that is your call. Pool, wifi, fridge & microwave. No breakfast.

    • Two options on rooms:  2nd Floor - pool view ($134 plus tax) and 1st floor - Poolside ($144 plus tax).

    • They have a big area next to the pool for visiting

    • Torges Bar & Grill is attached (excellent food!)

    • Must reserve by Feb 1. Can cancel up to 24 hrs in before stay

    • Contact: (507) 433-1000 - Group name “St. Peter / Le Sueur Bulldogs”

  • The top two teams from the district tournament will advance to Regions, which is March 3-5 in Sartell, MN.

  • Bulldog of the Week


Get to know…Chloe Brandt!


12 years old


I have 2 sisters Cassie and Carlie, my mom and dad Kim and Kevin, and my dog Maggie.

Favorite Food


Favorite Candy

Sour Patch Kids

Favorite Song

Closer by the Chainsmokers

How many years have you been playing hockey?

This is my 3rd year

What is your favorite part of Hockey?

I LOVE the sport but it’s even better getting to play with my friends!

Do you have a favorite hockey moment?

Making the all-tournament team at districts my 1st year of playing!

Do you have any special talents?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE baking!


Here is what others say about Chloe:


“Chloe is a nice, supportive teammate. She brings a smile and laughter to the locker room every day. She’s an AWESOME goalie! I hope she keeps playing hockey throughout the years!”  Molly Voeltz


“Chloe is an all around athlete and great friend. I really enjoy her sense of humor. She is an excellent goalie we can depend on to back us up, on and off the ice.” Peyton Hartmann


“Chloe is very talented. Listens extremely well. Always looking at the positive side of each situation good or bad. And she works very hard to be the best at what she does.” Coach Kris Wilke


“Chloe is a pleasure to be around on and off the ice. She listens and learns at a high level. Great kid!”  Coach Cormac Dunning