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Recent MN River Bulldogs Boys JV News

Pass Assignments for Games

By JS 01/17/2021, 9:30pm CST

Submit Your Game Pass Information Here

Game Information

  1. Home games: If you are working the box you will not need your passes for that game. That means if you would like to give up your passes to someone else for that one game you can do so.
  2. Away games: Pass usage may change. Shea will keep the Bulldog family as up to date as he can on how many passes we can use for each away game.
  3. You MUST show your pass to get into the games. So if you are giving passes to someone else they need to have the physical pass to get in.
  4. For each game you must submit the appropriate form below with who is going to be using each pass (pass number, person's name and email).  This is being required by the HS league and BSC. Our goal is that if coaches have this information beforehand then it won't bottleneck the entrance of the rinks. 
  5. Click here to read about additional game guidelines specific to the LSCC.

Click the links below for the appropriate game to submit your pass assignment information.

  • As games approach each week, new links to forms will be added for you to submit your responses.

1/19/21 Varsity @ Redwood Falls

1/21/21 JV vs. Marshall

1/21/21 Varsity vs. Marshall


Boys High School Game Workers Sign up

By JS 01/17/2021, 8:15pm CST

Sign up today!

As with every hockey season, we need our Bulldog families to help make the games a success by working the off-ice roles in the box.

We ask for participation from all our families so everyone is able to enjoy the games from the stands more often than in the box. With the shorter game schedule we are hoping no one will need to work more than one game.

We are using SignUp Genius to manage the sign up so please be sure to have an email reminder sent to yourself. This is a great feature to  help us ensure our Bulldog family is fulfilling on our jobs for the players.

Click here to sign up for the Junior Varsity (JV) games.

Click here to sign up for the Varsity games.

As expected, things are a little different this year. Please review the following information to be aware of what is expected.

General Guidelines

  • It is preferred that volunteers are from the same family group (not mandatory).
  • Social distancing of 3 – 6 feet must be adhered to by all personnel and masks/face coverings must be worn at all times. 
  • Cleaning supplies are provided by the Le Sueur Community Center (LSCC) and located in the box area.  
    • Spray the area after a player has exited the penalty box
    • Spray the entire area before you leave after the game
  • Please sign up to work a game your player(s) will be suited up for

  • Game workers DO NOT require a pass for entry to the game 

Positions - Clock, book and penalty boxes--Only 4 people allowed in the area.

Individuals working will need to coordinate with each other to determine who will play the music and do the announcing (There are announcing directions here as well as hardcopies at the rink).  

  • Announcing

    • Varsity games include announcing the starting lines.

    • JV and Varsity games, announce scoring and penalties as the game is in progress. If you are not comfortable with this they could also be announced between periods.

  • Music (if the iPad is not already in the box, please ask a manager or Coach to get it from the Coaches room)

  • Varsity games: Need to play the National Anthem unless you would like to respectfully sing it.

  • Playlists are already created and accessible via the Spotify App on the supplied school iPad.  (No personal devices may be used).

    • Open the Spotify App and click “Your Library” to get to the playlists

    • Use the “Boys hockey warm up” playlist for the varsity 10 minute pregame warm up

    • The “Hockey playlist” is what one uses to play music throughout the game when the puck is not in play

      • To play music, simply click on the song for it to start playing and click "pause" when the puck drops. To move to another song, just click on another song title.


  • Have referee sign book, other team will take picture or get copy of book, and give our copy to Coach Shea or one of the other MN River coaches to give to Shea.

  • Clean area with provided cleaning supplies

  • Return iPad to Team Manager for charging

Problems or questions during the game 

Please reach out to any of the following Booster Members:

Juli or Monte Sowder
Kerri Courrier
Brooks O’Keefe
Heidi or Joel Rimstad

Don't Forget Your Mask

Le Sueur Community Center Game Attendance Guidelines


  • May not enter arena more than 30 minutes before game time
  • Enter through Main Entrance on South side of Community Center
  • Teams will be assigned 2 locker rooms for changing
  • Officials will be provided a changing room
  • Home JV players will need to exit the arena after the JV game
  • Visiting JV players staying for Varsity game will be given an area to sit in pods

With capacity limits in the LSCC arena, parents can only watch the game that their child is dressing for.  So for nights there is only a Varsity game, JV parents will not be able to come and watch the game...only those parents whose boys are dressing for varsity.  Same goes for Varsity parents...they cannot come for the JV games if they do not have a player dressing for JV.  

When we do have a boys JV and Varsity game the same night, we will clear the rink after the JV game so that the Varsity parents will be able to enter before the Varsity game.  Any parent who has a JV player also dressing for Varsity will have to exit the arena and re-enter for the Varsity game.

We are allowed 64 fans, which is 25% capacity, we will allow 2 Bulldog fans for home games (20 man roster = 40 fans), Visiting fans will be allowed 1 fan per player up to 24 fans.  Lap  children are allowed to sit with parents.

Fans will be allowed into the Arena 15 minutes before the puck drops.